Ben Carson believes teaching America’s Real History will create Terrorists

In yet another hilarious quote taken from the Republication Party, Ben Carson at the Center for Security Policy’s National Security Action Summit said he believed teaching kids about America’s history of Slavery, Bombing of Hiroshima and the killing of Native Americans is tantamount to being Anti-American and would possibly turn them into future Terrorists.

Pat Robertson fumbles trying to Justify Genocide in the Bible


By Mohammed Abdullah. 

In yet another hilarious segment on the “The 700 Club,” the former Minister Pat Robertson seemed to fumble with his words as he tried to explain the differences between the “Genocide” found in the Old Testament and the verses that permit Jihad or Holy War in the Quran.  Now over the years Robertson has quoted Quranic verses many times while attempting explain to his loyal watchers how Islam is evil and inherently violent.  Yet, in a show of complete and utter hypocrisy, Roberston seemed at a loss of words when pressed on the violence found in the Bible and surprisingly even tries to give a go at justifying the murder of women, children and even livestock with the simply explanation that:

“God Commanded them to do so.”

Watch and see with your own eyes how he sweats this one out:

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