Even if the Egypt offered Hamas Land – Tomorrow Israel would end up there as well.


According to a FoxNews article found here, apparently during the Cairo Negotiations President Abdul-Fatteh Al-Sissi offered Hamas a large chuck of land in the Sinai Peninsula.  Now even though this offer has been outright denied by the Egyptian Government as well as Hamas, nevertheless FoxNews keeps pressing this story wanting their viewers to believe that the whole problem of the Palestinian conflict lay in the hand of Hamas and the PLO.

What FoxNews seems to completely overlook is that Gaza itself is already a Refugee camp and that the majority of the Palestinians living there were actually driven out of their homes a few decades before.  So the issue here is not with the area of land, but the issue here is with Greed plain and simple.

Let me be perfectly blunt and clear. If there was no Palestine, and Israel had taken all the land there, there is no doubt in my mind that they would right now be creating settlements in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.  If you ask me the Arab governments should be kissing the feet of the Palestinians for having been able to keep the Zionist Israeli government at bay for so long.  Because as we’ve seen with Gaza, which off it’s shores has a natural Gas reserve worth over a Billion dollars, if Israel sees any prized land that is worth money they’ll fight tooth and nail to get it.  And they have no problem breaking international treaties and human right laws to achieve this.

And the goons at the White House who are nothing more than Gas and Oil corporations in a suit, see no issue with killing and oppressing millions of innocent people so that they can further line their pockets.  Just recently Israel has sold Oil Drilling rights to a company who has on their board as an adviser former vice president Dick Cheney and whose main shareholders just so happen to be Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch.

For those that don’t know the Golan Hieghts is land Israel stole from Syria.  At first the main reason they took the land was because of the fresh water that provides over 35 percent of Israel’s clean water supply.  Now that there has been natural gas found in the area I am pretty sure Israel will find another reason why they should move deeper and deeper inside of Syria to as they put it, “Defend Their Borders.”  – More like Defend their Bank Accounts.

So it doesn’t matter if Sissi offered Palestinians land or not because according to Israel’s track record, unless Sissi can guarantee that the land he’s giving doesn’t have anything of value to the Israelis, then tomorrow the Israeli Army with be once again knocking at their doors.  If there is no laws and consequences for a Thief than there is nothing to stop him from stealing.