Statistical Tables of all the Battles during the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) lifetime


By Mohammed Abdullah

Over the past 3 weeks I’ve spent a significant amount of time researching through the Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and putting together a number of tables which record the statistics of each battle that took place during his lifetime.  This was due to a number of articles written by Islamaphobes which depicted the Battles of the Muslims at that time as if they were monstrous massacres numbering in the hundreds of thousands.  This insinuation for anyone that knows Islamic History and the population statistics of that time would find these grossly exaggerated claims quite amusing.

It should be known that the tribes in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century were not very large, and usually consisted of only a few hundred people.  At the time the Quraish, which were considered one of the largest tribes in Arabia, could only muster around 3000 from their own tribe to fight during the Battle of Uhud.  So if you were to take that number of 3000 and factor in the Women, Children and Elderly (which collectively is about 3x the number of Males) then one could estimate that the whole population of Meccah didn’t exceed 10,000 people.

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Muslim Countries have the Least amount of Alcohol Consumption Worldwide.


According to data from the 2014 Global Status Report on Alcohol and Heath, Countries with majority Muslim populations have proven to have the least amount of Alcohol consumption and Alcohol related deaths.  Using this data here is a map showing the percentage (Per Capita) of each country around the globe.  As you can see all the Muslim Countries across North Africa, into the Middle East and down to South Asia all prove to have the least consumption worldwide.

Pat Robertson fumbles trying to Justify Genocide in the Bible


By Mohammed Abdullah. 

In yet another hilarious segment on the “The 700 Club,” the former Minister Pat Robertson seemed to fumble with his words as he tried to explain the differences between the “Genocide” found in the Old Testament and the verses that permit Jihad or Holy War in the Quran.  Now over the years Robertson has quoted Quranic verses many times while attempting explain to his loyal watchers how Islam is evil and inherently violent.  Yet, in a show of complete and utter hypocrisy, Roberston seemed at a loss of words when pressed on the violence found in the Bible and surprisingly even tries to give a go at justifying the murder of women, children and even livestock with the simply explanation that:

“God Commanded them to do so.”

Watch and see with your own eyes how he sweats this one out:

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300: When Britain Met the Ottoman Empire

Whole Football Team from Cameroon embraces Islam


DUBAI // Twenty-three young African footballers converted to Islam at the end of a two-month training camp in Dubai.

The men, all in their twenties, are members of a football academy for poor, homeless and orphaned youngsters in Cameroon.

“It is amazing that at an age when most people just want to play and have fun, these young men were searching for faith and enlightenment,” said Javeed Khateeb, senior religious adviser at IACAD, the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai.

“This is the first time we’ve had such a large number of people from the same group wanting to convert.

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No Bill Maher – Islam is not the Problem..!

Bill Maher

By Mohammed Abdullah / September 12, 2014

Ah yes, the every so bright and cheerful Bill Maher is at it again with his generalizations and accusations against the religion of Islam as a whole. This time Bill Maher expressed his dissatisfaction in an interview with Charlie Rose of how people don’t think it’s right to blame 1.7 Billion Muslims for the actions of a handful of extremists. Yet head over to FoxNews and you will see the pages practically dripping with the drool of Happy Right Wing Christians who now are jumping for joy at the notion that Bill Maher has choose to stick to his guns and keep blaming the Islamic Faith for all the worlds problems.

Now for those who have been keeping up with Bill Maher, recently it seems that he’s been like a broken record with his claims against the religion of Islam. Actually some of what he said in the interview with Charlie Rose were identically the same words and phrases he used on a number of other shows he had been on. But despite the fact the Bill Maher usually seems to be quite informed on topics he discusses, after spending just a few minutes listening to his criticisms and attacks against Islam it become apparently clear for any Muslim that this man is wrong and doesn’t haven any clue of what he’s talking about.

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Judge who Sentenced Muslim Brotherhood Members to Death just suffered a Massive Stroke


According to an Egyptian News website, one of the Criminal Judges who had sentenced a number of Muslim Brotherhood Members to Death has now suffered from a massive stroke and has been taken to the Hospital.

Egypt has over the past year seen a number of these judges hand out insane sentences for simply protesting against the overthrow of President Mohammad Morsi.  A number of human rights organizations and Western nations have criticized the obvious over exaggerated rulings coming from the Judiciary in Egypt.  Not only have the sentences been extreme beyond measure, but also the living conditions withine the prisons have been known to be far beyond anything remotely acceptable even for the Middle East.  Since the crackdown of the Muslim Brotherhood by General Sissi the prisons in Egypt have become overcrowded and many prisons who become sick or have suffered beatings from police guards are not given proper medical care.

So with that said I am sure that many Egyptians have smiled at the notion that this Tyrant of a man will soon be meeting his maker and will taste retribution for all the crimes he help commit against his own people.

Source of story in Arabic found here

#BringBackOurGirls – In All Countries!

Putting things into Perspective


By Mohammed A. Shubaiki

The woman to the left is supposed to depict Michelle Obama’s recent photo in support to the poor girls kidnapped in Nigeria. (May God help them get home soon.)  To the right though is a Muslim women who is showing all the different places in the world were women are being kidnapped,raped and killed in massive numbers.  So to help put things into perspective she stands with many names.