Why Sam Harris’ Generalizations about Islam is Dangerous

Statistical Tables of all the Battles during the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) lifetime


By Mohammed Abdullah

Over the past 3 weeks I’ve spent a significant amount of time researching through the Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and putting together a number of tables which record the statistics of each battle that took place during his lifetime.  This was due to a number of articles written by Islamaphobes which depicted the Battles of the Muslims at that time as if they were monstrous massacres numbering in the hundreds of thousands.  This insinuation for anyone that knows Islamic History and the population statistics of that time would find these grossly exaggerated claims quite amusing.

It should be known that the tribes in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century were not very large, and usually consisted of only a few hundred people.  At the time the Quraish, which were considered one of the largest tribes in Arabia, could only muster around 3000 from their own tribe to fight during the Battle of Uhud.  So if you were to take that number of 3000 and factor in the Women, Children and Elderly (which collectively is about 3x the number of Males) then one could estimate that the whole population of Meccah didn’t exceed 10,000 people.

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Christian Columbus was far worse than ISIS

Islam Doesn’t allow Rape: Proof is found in the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) letter to Christians

Photo of Letter said to be from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to the Christians at Saint Catherine's Monastery
Photo of Letter said to be from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to the Christians at Saint Catherine’s Monastery

By Mohammed Abdullah

In 628 CE it is said that as the Muslim Empire began to expand northwards towards the edge of the Roman Empire, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had written a Charter to reassure the Monks at  St. Catherine Monastery that they had nothing to fear from the Muslims.  In the Charter the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) guaranteed for the Christians their security and rights to worship and live freely.

This letter remained in the possession of the Christians at St. Catherine Monastery for almost a 1000 years until it was later taken by the Turkish Sultan Selim I in 1517.  It would remain in Turkey until this day, where it can be seen displayed in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul.

Whether you believe this letter to be authentic or not, there’s no doubt that the Muslims in 1517 held this document in high regards, and didn’t show any reservations towards the rights laid out therein.  And even up until today, we haven’t heard from a single credible Islamic Scholar who says that this letter holds anything that would be considered against the teachings of Islam.

Now with the recent rise of such Terrorist Organizations like ISIS and Boko Haram who are said to have kidnapped innocent women and took them as “Sex Slaves,” it is imperative for us Muslims to defend our faith and prove that their vile actions are not sanctioned by Islam.

Now even though Islam has permitted non-permanent slavery as a substitute to prison sentences, nowhere in the Islamic Texts does it say that men are able to rape women.  Be it they their wives, their prisoners of war or anything else.  I could present many examples to prove my argument, but to keep things short and concise, I believe this letter in and of itself will be more than enough to prove my point.  If you wish for a more detailed explanation of why Rape is not permitted in Islam please visit the website found HERE.

So now without further or do let us look at the Translation of this letter, which is said to have been sent by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to the Christians at St. Catherine Monastery, and see exactly what it says:

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Why Muslims should be more afraid of ISIS than the West


By Mohammed Abdullah

One of the things that scares me the Most is the knowledge the West has of our desire for the return of the Khilapha. If you look at the past 100 years of Imperial Western Rule in the Middle East, there is a two fold tactic that many Anti-Islamic organizations employ.

1.) Is to fund and empower the so-called Muslim Secularists who secretly hate Islam and tend to be extremely violent towards religious Muslims.

(This is generally because they are really Hypocrites who don’t fear God and so they have no problem killing thousands of Muslims.)

2.) Is to create oppressive and overtly extreme Religious groups that makes Islam seem completely irrational and inapplicable in Modern Day Society.

They do this in hopes to sway religious Muslims and possibly their offspring to develop a distaste for anything Islamic. And so they set up a system of Government which only applies Shariah Law at face value and partially in most cases. Essentially making the application of Islamic Law seem barbaric and unjust.

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Islamaphobia is now even affecting Cancer Patients.


By Mohammed Abdullah

If having to deal with the effects of Chemo Therapy wasn’t bad enough, now women who have gone bald due to Cancer treatment are facing Islamaphobic Blow back for wearing the Head Scarf.  The latest victim of this horrible trend is Julie Gale (picture above) who says that when she decided to accompany her daughter to the Melbourne Magistrates Court, she was surprised when the Security Guard at the door demanded her to remove her headscarf.  She says:

“He pointed to my head and said: ‘Take if off’.

I said to him: ‘What, you want me to take this off? I’ve got a bald head underneath’

“He said: ‘Yes, take it off. You could be hiding something’.

I ripped it off my head and said: ‘Are you happy?’

Ms. Gale goes one to describe how she had just come out of Chemo Therapy and was feeling vulnerable.

“I felt so affronted by it, it was so insensitive and humiliating,”

In an email seen by the ­Herald Sun, G4S general manager Ron Bennett — no longer at the company — expressed regret over Ms Gale’s treatment and pledged a review of procedures to avoid a similar scenario “that may cause undue embarrassment”.

Sourch : Herald Sun

Noam Chomsky: Only One Thing Will Make Israel Change Course


On August 26, Israel and the Palestinian Authority both accepted a cease-fire agreement after a 50-day Israeli assault on Gaza that left 2,100 Palestinians dead and vast landscapes of destruction behind.

The agreement calls for an end to military action by Israel and Hamas as well as an easing of the Israeli siege that has strangled Gaza for many years.

This is, however, just the most recent of a series of cease-fire agreements reached after each of Israel’s periodic escalations of its unremitting assault on Gaza.

Since November 2005 the terms of these agreements have remained essentially the same. The regular pattern is for Israel to disregard whatever agreement is in place, while Hamas observes it—as Israel has conceded—until a sharp increase in Israeli violence elicits a Hamas response, followed by even fiercer brutality.

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Happy Eid!



I would just like to wish everyone a Happy Eid.
May Allah make your year full of good deeds and success.

Your Brother: Mohammed Abdullah

Sweden to become first major European country to recognize state of Palestine


REUTERS – Sweden’s new center-left government will recognize the state of Palestine in a move that will make it the first major European country to take the step, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said on Friday.

The UN General Assembly approved the de facto recognition of the sovereign state of Palestine in 2012 but the European Union and most EU countries, have yet to give official recognition.

“The conflict between Israel can only be solved with a two-state solution, negotiated in accordance with international law,” Swedish PM Stefan Lofven said during his inaugural address in parliament.

“A two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to peaceful co-existence. Sweden will therefore recognize the state of Palestine.”

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Guest on The Daily Show explains how ISIS is Fake

The president of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces Hadi al-Bahra just recently was a guest on the very popular News Satire program “The Daily Show.” In his interview, Hadi explained to the viewers how the organization we know as ISIS was actually created by the Syrian Government. Over the past few years there have been a number of unexplainable incidents where the Syrian Government has either completely ignored ISIS, or even supported them indirectly in their ongoing battle with other Syrian Rebel Factions.

As the world sits and watches in horror the murderous rampage of ISIS, Hadi explains that the methods employed by the Terrorist Organization are actually part of a broader strategy of the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. In creating such a vicious organization what the Syrian President hopes is that the International Community will believe that he is the lesser of the Two evils when it comes to ruling the country.